Why have an Association of Governors in Torbay?

There are over 600 governors in Torbay currently in 41 governing bodies. This is the largest number of volunteers in any field. Governing bodies exercise great responsibilities and are accountable for the expenditure of over £70m of Torbay taxpayer’s money.

Government has placed more an more responsibilities and demands on governors. This is the real opportunity for Children’s Services to talk with, and respond to, governors views.

A corporate view is always more effective than an individual speaking for only one school.

What has the TGA achieved?

The TGA has had meetings with the People commissioner; Director of Children’s Services; Headteachers and the Members of Parlaiment.

We aim to hold our regular meetings around the Bay.

A half termly Newsletter goes out to all governors of member schools and trust boards.

The Newsletter contains important information relevant to YOUR school.

We have re-established regular contact with Torbay governor support.